The ways that being deprived of sleep can harm you

Affects the brain thinking, the work efficiency decreases

I believe that we all have deep experience, in the next day of staying up late, work or class often dizzy, attention can not focus, and even have a headache phenomenon, long-term stay up late, insomnia also has invisible damage to memory. Experts have proved that the human brain to think clearly, responsive, must have enough sleep, if the long-term lack of sleep, will make people anxious, and the brain can not get enough rest, will affect the brain's creative thinking and the ability to process things. In turn, work efficiency is greatly reduced.

Lack of sleep affects the normal development of adolescents

Modern research believes that the growth and development of adolescents in addition to genetic, nutrition, exercise and other factors, but also with the secretion of auxin has a certain relationship. Because the secretion of auxin is closely related to sleep, that is, there is a big peak of secretion after people sleep, and then there are several small peak of secretion, and in the non-sleep state, the secretion of auxin decreases. Therefore, if teenagers want to develop well and grow tall, they must get enough sleep.

Stress, partial diet, lack of sleep and other bad habits, will also make melanin increase. 10 in the evening as early as 6 is the best time for metabolism, so sleep time is not stable, the metabolic rate of the skin is not good, will make melanin.

Lack of sleep ages people

Lack of sleep leads to dark circles, bags under the eyes, dry skin, night is the physiological rest time of the human body, the rest without rest, because of excessive fatigue, resulting in poor blood circulation around the eyes, and cause black circles, bags under the eyes or white eye ball full of blood. At 11 in the evening to 3 in the morning is hairdressing time, namely the meridians of human body run to the period of time of gallbladder, liver. If these two organs do not get sufficient rest, they will be shown on the skin, easy to appear rough, yellow complexion, black spots, acne and other problems.

Lack of sleep leads to all kinds of diseases

Often lack of sleep, will make people anxious, reduced immunity, which will lead to a variety of diseases, such as neurasthenia, cold, gastrointestinal diseases and so on. In addition to bloating eyes, drinking coffee and nodding off in afternoon meetings, experts have shown that insufficient or irregular sleep increases the risk of a number of serious illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

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